FAQ's for Our Work

  We are group of clinical nurses, who are striving for uplifting the professional values in Nursing through various works.
  We basically motivate nurses to come out with various activities that bring out the professionalism within them. The activities includes forming brain storming groups at hospital/college level, writing articles, raising issues at workplace, brainstorming etc.
  Clinical nurses who are working under this banner form small groups at their level, and communicate with each other through whatts app groups. Major discussions occur through skype group call or through email.
  You can email the piece of work you have written to under mentioned email address.
  You can also write for assistance in writing paper or putting your work into article.
  Feel free to contact us on meetfina@gmail.com
  To know more about our works visit www.nursingmovements.blogspot.in

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  • Address: 81 H block, Taj Avenue, Ayanagar, New Delhi

  • Mobile: (+91) 8800-246104

  • Email:meet@nursingmovements.com